Harnessing Energy for an Optimal You

Harnessing Energy for an Optimal You

A couple of months ago, I was unable to eat, concentrate, or motivate. The parts of me that are passionate about my family, my career, my health, my life (!) were dulled and indistinct. In short, I had misplaced my personal power. We all do this sometime in our lives. Sometime we do this is big ways by obsessing about unrequited love or shortchanging our contributions at work. However, more destructive to our sense of self-worth  is how we give our power away in small increments: little by little, day by day, hour by hour, thought by thought. Our power leaks out each time we doubt ourselves, question our experience, follow the voice that tells us we are less than our greatest part. In essence, to give away your power is to lose trust in yourself.

The manipura chakra, or third chakra, is the place where we hold our self-power. In scientific terms this is your enteric nervous system (ENS) or Brain-Gut. According to studies, the Brain-Gut will process your emotions and send the information to your brain. When you have “butterflies in your belly” or are “trusting your gut” you are tuning into your intuition and bolstering your self-value by strengthening the mind-body connection. When we continuously ignore the emotions of our body and get into the habit of stuffing down or suffocating our inner voice we create an imbalance that affect us on emotional, physical, and mental levels.

The biggest, and often most subtle, avenue we give away our power is by not valuing our experience. We question how we acted, what we said, we fret over how another person thinks of us. In other words, we doubt ourselves. Under our insecurities we are perfect beings and our body, or gut, will tell us that we are not functioning at our optimal self through health problems such as digestive problems, constipation, diarrhea, stomach upset, overeating, and undereating.

The best way to connect with your inner power is to trust yourself. I recognize how difficult this is when most of us habitually reduce our own value. Begin by noting, without criticism  or judgement, how often you become concerned what someone thinks of you. Instead, develop a mantra to remind yourself that you are doing the best you can do right now.  When we connect with our inner voice, the bright intuition within us, we are loving ourselves. When we nourish and develop our inner voice, we are learning to love ourselves. We are learning to trust that who we are is enough. what we know is enough, and that our experience is enough.