About Yoga Classes

flowerKimi discovered yoga over ten years ago looking for an activity to complement running. Over time, yoga became less of a complementary activity and more of a way of life. Kimi began to see how her yoga practice reduced stress levels, lessened the constant mind chatter, and helped her not only to build physical and mental strength but also a way to slow down in a rushed life.

Kimi teaches yoga with the mind frame that you can only begin from where you are and works to help others find clarity in their mind, body and spirit. When you come to Kimi’s class you will be met right where you are and be guided through a fun, yet challenging, flow sequence.  Inspired by the continuous flow of breath through our body, Kimi guides students through their practice by riding the waves of their breath, continually aligning breath and body into a rhythmic flow of consciousness. In each class, Kimi pays special attention to alignment, core strength, and balance. Come to class ready to feel empowered as you transform your body, mind and spirit!

Kimi looks forward to seeing you in class!

Vinyasa: Mindful of the breath and body, in this class we flow through a series of asanas as we settle the mind, open the body, and acknowledge our presence. Playing at our edge, we learn to honor our limitations.

Hatha Flow: In this wonderful class we mindfully wake-up the mind and body and move into a more energizing practice by linking breath and movement in a flow with longer held poses. Very few chaturanga dandasanas (low plank pose)