“Kimi seamlessly infuses her dynamic yoga classes with storytelling, allowing students to experience themselves through the lens of yogic wisdom.” ~Sara P.


“For a divinely supreme way to spend an 60-90 minutes head to a KIMI MARIN yoga class where myth and magic are interwoven with breathe and flowing  movement.  Polite suggestion:  GET YA sOMe”  ~xox Willow OBrien of Pixie RetrEAT RAW’r Laboratorie & Makery                                                                            p.s.  Kimi gives good yoga xox (might be a bit inappropriate…but it was funny to me)


“I always enjoy being a part of Kimi’s yoga class.  I find Kimi’s classes to be a true meditative experience, she does an exceptional job sequencing poses and cuing each transition with a reminder of breath, keeping me focused on the real purpose of the practice.  She is very attentive, involved and committed to her classes, supporting her students by giving exceptional verbal and hands-on adjustments, as well as supporting them in own yoga goals.  I am very happy to have found such a great teacher to practice with.” ~Amy R.


“How does one describe the Kimi Marin experience?! She is both a gifted teacher and storyteller. Her classes are on point and always respectful of boundaries — while encouraging us to challenge ourselves and our practice both on and off the mat. My practice is so much better since Kimi came into my life!” ~ Erin D.


“Kimi is a special yoga teacher with a deep appreciation and understanding of Hindu mythology, which helps her students to move the yoga practice beyond a form of mere physical exercise.” ~Yong Y.


“Kimi is an intelligent, heartfelt and authentic teacher.  I love to take her class.  It has just the right pace and level of challenge for me, and even more importantly, as a teacher Kimi is unabashedly herself.  She is down-to-earth, insightful, sometimes funny, and always deeply present.  Her love for the practice and for her students shines through each time she teaches.” ~Amy A.


“I was so impressed with the way you were able to express the idea of a new beginning, or a change of perspective, and then offer students ways to find that in the body.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since…Anyways, your teaching–genuine, thoughtful, accessible, humble– really inspires me.  Thank you.” ~Ruby S.


Kimi is one of the best yoga instructors I’ve ever had. I have been practicing yoga with fair regularity since 2011, and when I moved to Portland, Kimi was the first yoga instructor who made me feel like I was “home”–even in a brand new city. Kimi has a palpable light about her, and a welcoming, nourishing energy she gives to every single class. She incorporates beautiful stories into her flow which puts focus on the history and background of the poses and philosophy and adds another dimension to the yogic meditative practice. Her thoughtful flows are always dynamic and she often finds ways to stretch unusual muscles and muscle groups. I love that she provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced poses in every class, and how supported I feel from start to finish: whether it is from a gentle adjustment, guidance into a deeper stretch, or talking me through a new arm balance. I have taken many friends to Kimi’s classes over the last two years, and every single one has walked away saying her verbal cues were easy to understand and her class was one of the best classes he/she’d ever attended. Kimi is a gem in the Portland community, and her classes are worth attending if you have a chance.  ~Ali M.